At various times and in various places God invited men and women to be in partnership with Him to continue to build a just and human world. The creative Spirit of God awakens many different responses in people’s hearts. The call to be a Presentation Sister today is as challenging and radical as it was when Nano first called her companions together to respond to the needs of the poor children and people of Cork and founded the Congregation in 1775.

Called to share in Nano Nagle’s Gospel vision, the Presentation Sisters respond with compassion to the needs of our times and challenge unjust structures which threaten the dignity of the human person. Today, Sisters in five continents follow in Nano’s footsteps, promoting the rights and dignity of people made poor and the poor earth. We do this through a variety of works including education, pastoral work, health care, catechetics, spirituality, faith development, human rights and ecology.

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Women from different parts of the world continue to respond to the call to follow in Nano’s footsteps. Read some of their stories here.


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