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The mustard seed planted

The story of ‘Presentation’ is a truly amazing founding story.  It has been repeated in different ways in differing climes and cultures since 1776 as the charism of Nano evolved in new situations.

The Mustard Seed carries with it a rich and powerful Kingdom message, a message of hope.  Little steps taken in faith do matter. 

One person’s contribution can have repercussions across the globe.  [..]  A tiny Mustard Seed planted in faith can grow into something quite surprising and beautiful.  The Presentation story is laced with examples of miracle growth from humble beginnings. 

‘Consider the Mustard Seed’ by Mary T. O’Brien, pbvm in  ‘Nano Nagle and An Evolving Charism’. 

Each of us from our local scene, can tell our mustard seed story and marvel at the way the Providence of God has been guiding the evolution of the charism of Nano down the years – to ministries and places where the light of the Gospel shines through.

The Mustard Seed speaks of potential being realised, of a charism in evolution.

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