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Spirituality Workshop | Called to be Mystics

Where: Galway, Croi Nua Spirituality Centre

When: Saturday, 22nd June 2019

Featuring expert presenters on the mystical call in contemporary spiritual writers Thomas Merton, Etty Hillesum and John O’Donohue. Find more on the Event page. 

Why should anyone care about Thomas Merton today? Read the inspirational opinion about Merton’s legacy written for the 50th anniversary of his death.


Spirituality and Well-being Day

The Spirituality and Wellbeing Day was presented by Dr Elizabeth McCrory, an experienced clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who runs workshops and seminars on Meditation, Spiritual Autobiography, Spirituality and long term illness, Death and Dying and Women in transition. She presented  on spirituality and wellbeing, spirituality and ageing and between.

She pointed that we can define spirituality as connecting with a Numinous Other; a practice which incorporates awe, wonder & joy and a deep awareness that everything and everyone is connected in the endless flow of energy.

See active link in heading of this piece, to find out more.

Spirituality Institute for Research and Education (SpIRE)

The Spirituality Institute for Research and Education (SpIRE) has been established to ensure that Ireland can serve spiritual seeking, contribute to the academic study of spirituality in higher education, and promote the phenomenon of ‘spirituality and’, such as spirituality and healthcare, spirituality and aging, spirituality and management, spirituality and leadership, spirituality and social concern, spirituality and childhood, spirituality and ecology, etc., that are all ‘signs of the times’ across the globe.

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