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Summer Retreats Mt. St. Anne’s

Mount St. Anne's Summer Retreats

The following Summer Retreats are being offered by Mt. St. Anne’s Retreat and Conference Centre from June to August 2021.  You are asked to note that the Centre is currently operating in compliance with the ongoing Covid-19 Government Restrictions. However, Mount St. Anne’s is happy to accept bookings for these Summer Retreats without a deposit at this stage. As soon ...

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Patrick – making God known


Who is this man Patrick, who came among us (from another place) and whom we have never forgotten?  A man who suffered a turbulent and challenging journey through experiencing at times hunger, isolation, separation and imprisonment, doubting often his own capacity and ability to act – but certain of the hand of God and his protection.  What better way to ...

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Life lived on the ‘Razor’s Edge’

Razor's Edge

Abandoning a life of privilege, position and wealth, Nano Nagle chose to live and work in her beloved city of Cork, working in solidarity with those made destitute. Driven by a burning passion to help Christ’s marginalised, she dared not only to dream a better life for them but to make this seemingly impossible dream a lived reality. This was ...

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I would dare ….

I would dare

Today, 8th March 2021 is International Women’s Day (IWD2021).  A day in which to step forward with courage and inspiration to live fully the charism that each of us have been given for our world … and to step back a pace, giving acknowledgement, space and thanks  to the ‘true litany’ of great women that we know, live and work ...

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Nano’s legacy keeps giving …

It seems no time at all since we had the huge extended joy of launching our most recent book : ‘Nano Nagle: The Life and the Legacy’.  In fact it was in 2018, during the Tercentenary of Nano Nagle’s Birth (1718), when this book generated such interest in Nano, Presentation Life  and Education, supported by multiple interviews and presentations by ...

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It is never too late …

As we can feel the air change and the light of days grow longer, Spring reminds us it is never too late!  The surety of recovery and resurrection as new buds and green shoots emerge where for ages there has only been dark earth.  But things in nature are not always what they seem.  Absence of light and lack of ...

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Beloved Amazonia and us


It’s been a whole year since Pope Francis wrote that he dreams of a church that fights for the rights of the poor and Indigenous peoples, a church that safeguards the ecosystems on which those people — and all of us — depend, and a church that takes on the face of the places where it is rooted.  That is the ...

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From ashes to light

ashes to light

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow February 17th.  As we start our Lenten Journey (from cross to resurrection and from ashes to light) let us do so in appreciation of the opportunity it offers to simply and hopefully reconnect to that deepest knowing of what resurrection actually means, and how it is, and can continue to express itself in every moment of ...

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Sr. Josephine Bakhita

St. Josephine Bakhita

On February 8, the Church commemorates the life of St. Josephine Bakhita, a Canossian Sister who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Sudan.  Her story is a harrowing one. See HERE Josephine Bakhita was born in 1869, in a small village in the Darfur region of Sudan. She was kidnapped while working in the fields with her family and subsequently ...

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Close to our sick sisters & brothers

our sick sisters & brothers

In these times we are sharing a very profound journey of prayer, care and support for those whom we know who are sick in our family, our neighbourhood and in our community. We also experience a strong sense of closeness, interconnection and fraternity with our sick sisters and brothers throughout the world. At the same time this experience is a ...

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