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Author Archives: Petra Sebek

Culture Night: Nano Nagle, the Jesuits and Social Innovation

culture night

The Culture Night event on Friday, September 20th, will be an opportunity to discover Nano Nagle through the lecture Nano Nagle, the Jesuits and Social Innovation; New Perspectives by historian Victoria Ann Pearson. Visitors will be able to see some materials from the rich archive.   If Nano Nagle were alive today, she would be a so called “influencer”. Before her ...

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Summer Spiritual Inspiration: Tenzin Palmo

tenzin palmo

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo was born in England in 1943 and named Diane Perry. She and her older brother were raised in London by her mother, after her father’s death when Diane was 2 years old. Mrs Perry was a spiritualist who held séances in the family home, and Tenzin Palmo credits this as being a strong and positive influence on her ...

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Summer Spiritual Inspiration: Spirituality of Desire


A spirituality of desire makes us appreciate that we are all mystics in the sense that the interior space that is in us is a privileged place of encounter with God.   In our lives and in our prayer practice, we often unconsciously live out two different types of spirituality:   1) A spirituality of duty is focused on following the ...

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Summer Spiritual Inspiration: Mary of Magdala

mary magdala

The message of the Resurrection was first entrusted to Mary of Magdala according to John.  She stayed with him during his crucifixion and was a primary witness of his resurrection.  But images of her throughout the ages and still today portray inaccurately. Nowhere in scripture is Mary of Magdala identified as a public sinner or a prostitute.  Yet, even in productions ...

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Summer Spiritual Inspiration: Etty Hillesum

Etty Hillesum

Etty Hillesum was a vital, life-giving presence in the midst of darkness and evil.  Through the months in the concentration camp, as her contemplative heart attended to her inner life more and more, she developed a deep sense of solidarity which her people, and she found she longed to care for the weakest and most vulnerable. She interrupts the scoffing ...

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Feast of the Sacred Heart: Walking in the Heart of God

As we prepare to celebrate the Feast day of the Sacred Heart we are reminded of Nano Nagle’s devotion. Nano contemplated the heart of Jesus and encountered the unconditional love of God that compelled her to reach out with love and compassion to those made poor by the systems of the day. At this time in our history we are ...

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Vocation: a keyword for happiness, freedom and unity

The three approaches that I would indicate are: holiness, as a calling that gives meaning to one’s entire life journey; communion as the fertile soil for vocations in the Church and vocation itself, as a keyword to be preserved and “conjugated” with others – “happiness”, “freedom” and “together” – and finally “declined” as special consecration.   Holiness Talking about vocation always leads to thinking of young ...

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Vocations Sunday: “The courage to take a risk for God’s promise”

The Vatican has released the text of the Pope’s message for Vocations Sunday which will be celebrated this year on Sunday 12 May on the theme ‘The courage to take a risk for God’s promise’.     Dear Brothers and Sisters, After the lively and fruitful experience of the Synod devoted to young people last October, we recently celebrated the ...

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Irish-Indian connection

As I sit down to write a short reflection about my time as a Presentation Sister in India I notice there’s a supplement to the Irish Independent (8th March 2019) on the table where I am working. It has a  headline about practices to follow in order to show respect for the National flag – the flag should normally be displayed ...

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Spirituality and well-being

The Spirituality and Wellbeing Day was presented by Dr Elizabeth McCrory, an experienced clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who runs workshops and seminars on Meditation, Spiritual Autobiography, Spirituality and long term illness, Death and Dying and Women in transition. She presented  on spirituality and wellbeing, spirituality and ageing and between.   She pointed that we can define spirituality as connecting with ...

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