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Brigid, breath of faith

We are at the cusp of cross-over into Spring Days, and ever growing Light, that from the Creator’s hands brings awakening Life to all it touches. It is not a coincidence that this ‘breath of Nature’ brings to our consciousness all kinds of grace-filled connections that inspire new life and hope.

In Ireland we are moving towards the feast day of St. Brigid on the 1st February. Brigid is someone so familiar to us as to be apart of our very ‘being’.  She is so much more than an inspirational, historic, or popular feminist icon around which so much mythology abounds.  Something of her authentic pioneering journey still speaks  profoundly to us, despite the apparent sophistication of our times.

“[Brigid] established a monastery in Kildare, where she served as an abbess. The monastery became a centre of learning, spirituality, and craftsmanship, and it was said that a sacred flame burned continuously in Kildare, tended by Brigid and her nuns.  This flame came to symbolise Brigid’s enduring spirit and her connection to the divine”.  (From ‘Ode to Brigid’ – Jesuits in Ireland, 23 January 2024).

According to tradition, Brigid was born into noble family in Faughart, near Dundalk, around 451 AD. She was known for her generosity and dedication to helping those in need, and she is often associated with miracles and acts of healing. She had a deep affinity with nature, and is often invoked at this time of year for her protection of livestock and for her ability to bring about the arrival of spring. In Irish folklore, she is associated with various symbols, including the traditional reed cross that is still woven, blessed and given on her feast day. This cross made by hand, from reeds growing locally in the countryside, remains a powerful symbol of  the interconnectedness of humanity with nature. The peaceful rhythmic creation of these crosses locally, is part of our prayer and affirmation of our deep connection with who we are in God, as we ask Brigid:

“Shine your light where there is darkness,
strengthen us in our weakness,
Heal all within that may be ill,
give us the desire to do God’s will”.    

Lord be our light

We praise God who led St. Brigid along the path of Justice and holiness; we pray that we may follow this way.

Lord, be our light.

Through your resurrection, Lord, new light came into our darkness. May we bring your light to the world.

Lord, be our light.

At the springtime of the year we renew our hope. Give us the grace to encourage all whom we meet today.

Lord, be our light.     

St. Brigid dedicated her life to prayer and service.  May her life inspire many more women to give their lives to dedicated service & holiness of  life.

Lord, be our light.

Lord Jesus, you gave Brigid the desire to serve and not be served – may we spend our lives in the service of others.

Lord, be our light.

You made the word of St. Brigid fruitful; give success to the work of our hands.

Lord, be our light.


See https://jesuit.ie/news/ode-to-brigid/

Also St. Brigid’s relics come home ot Kildare

And Pupils join pause for peace, forming a human St. Brigid’s Cross


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