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The Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox has arrived, that subtle shift in light, in season and in the innate rhythm of Nature – a teacher, pointing towards the beat of our own lives. How can we open to, slow down, listen and respond with a different beat that allows us recognise and harvest the fruits of our lives, while at the same time ...

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We are in the times of Mary

Mary of our times

The Vatican released a message from Pope Francis on Wednesday, 8th September as the Church celebrates the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  “The true joy that comes from the Lord always gives space to the voices of the forgotten, so that together with them we can build a better future,” Pope Francis said in the message see HERE Our ...

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A Season of Creation

Season of Creation

The 1st of September is upon us heralding a change of season leading us into the meteorological Autumn.  We know from our experience of the changing seasons that Nature and the Earth never ceases to bestow its gifts. However, the Season of Creation (SOC) is our opportunity to ‘recognise the good gift’ of creation and to sustain and develop our ...

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Becoming what we love …

St. Clare becoming what we love

Today, 11th August, is the Feast day of St Clare of Assisi (1194 – 1253)  who aged 18 years, heard St. Francis of Assisi preach and asked him to help her live according to the Gospel.  In time a separate dwelling was built for Clare and her sister next to the church of San Damiano. Other women joined them and ...

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Nano – Ablaze with God

Nano Ablaze with God

At a time when the role of women in shaping society was severely restricted, [Nano Nagle] lived on the razor’s edge, a woman fearless before a  tyrannical world. A woman ‘Ablaze with God’. ‘Nano Nagle, a woman ablaze with God, you daily walked the razor’s edge of life, witnessing to the divine conspiracy of love. Awaken within us the fire ...

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Heart speaks to Heart

Heart to heart

June is a special month of particular devotion to the  Sacred Heart of Jesus, culminating on the June 11th the feast Day itself. It is a time when we can pray ‘Heart to Heart’, when ‘heart speaks to heart’. As  Pope Francis said: “It is not us who first loved God,” it’s the other way around: “it is He who ...

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Those women at the tomb

Those women at the tomb of Jesus!  Pope Francis shared the following  powerful reflection (recorded by Vatican Radio) at the Easter Vigil on 4th April 2015. The Easter Vigil is a time for us “to enter into the Mystery which God has accomplished with His vigil of love.” That was the message of Pope Francis as he celebrated the Easter ...

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Disturb Us, Lord

Wednesday 24th March was the feast day of St. Oscar Romero.  Both Oscar Romero and Nano Nagle were people who allowed themselves to be disturbed by the suffering of humanity around them, by the injustices and ‘unjust actions’ perpetrated on behalf of those who should have been the ‘guardians of care and support’ for those kept poor. Disturb Us, Lord. ...

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Magi Moments

Magi moments

A peaceful silent vigil before the crib each day brings revelations far beyond the scene itself.  A deeper understanding of who this Child is for us.  I glimpse the Magi on their journey, coming in the distance, still following in the light-filled footsteps of expectation; of both welcoming and exchanging heart to heart with the Christ Child who has made ...

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Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Making my way to work these days takes me through ancient, weathered countryside.  It has been trod by generations before me as far back as I can remember.  I know this place inside out  – or so I thought. Then, a change of season and the start of Advent, and some sudden subtle change of light and shadow on the ...

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