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Religious life in a post-human age

future religious

The Gospel life was never meant to be lived enclosed, but on the edge of a new future in God, writes Ilia Delio in an essay about religious life.   I recently returned from a retreat at San Alfonso Retreat House in Long Branch, New Jersey, where 110 sisters gathered each day for liturgy, prayer and presentation. The sisters were ...

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The courage for encounter

Like very many others, I have followed the daily world media reports on the recent fourteen day journey of Greta Thunberg the sixteen year old Climate Activist from Sweden as she took on the gruelling challenge of sailing to New York for the UN Climate Action Summit in September.  I have been mesmerised by someone so young courageously taking up ...

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‘Nano Alive’ continuing to sing her song

“If we believe, that we, members of the Presentation family have been gifted in differing ways with sharing in that original divine shaft of energy which Nano received, and if we believe that we continue to sing her particular song in the Church and in the world, then certain things follow. The first is that we have a responsibility for ...

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Spiritual Inspiration: Tenzin Palmo

tenzin palmo

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo was born in England in 1943 and named Diane Perry. She and her older brother were raised in London by her mother, after her father’s death when Diane was 2 years old. Mrs Perry was a spiritualist who held séances in the family home, and Tenzin Palmo credits this as being a strong and positive influence on her ...

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Spiritual Inspiration: Spirituality of Desire


A spirituality of desire makes us appreciate that we are all mystics in the sense that the interior space that is in us is a privileged place of encounter with God.   In our lives and in our prayer practice, we often unconsciously live out two different types of spirituality:   1) A spirituality of duty is focused on following the ...

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Spiritual Inspiration: Mary of Magdala

mary magdala

The message of the Resurrection was first entrusted to Mary of Magdala according to John.  She stayed with him during his crucifixion and was a primary witness of his resurrection.  But images of her throughout the ages and still today portray inaccurately. Nowhere in scripture is Mary of Magdala identified as a public sinner or a prostitute.  Yet, even in productions ...

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Spiritual Inspiration: Etty Hillesum

Etty Hillesum

Etty Hillesum was a vital, life-giving presence in the midst of darkness and evil.  Through the months in the concentration camp, as her contemplative heart attended to her inner life more and more, she developed a deep sense of solidarity which her people, and she found she longed to care for the weakest and most vulnerable. She interrupts the scoffing ...

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Vocation: a keyword for happiness, freedom and unity

The three approaches that I would indicate are: holiness, as a calling that gives meaning to one’s entire life journey; communion as the fertile soil for vocations in the Church and vocation itself, as a keyword to be preserved and “conjugated” with others – “happiness”, “freedom” and “together” – and finally “declined” as special consecration.   Holiness Talking about vocation always leads to thinking of young ...

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There is something  about the juxtaposition of death and life in Holy Week that seems to be mirrored in these times, against a world landscape of events where it is as if the stability and certainly of all things that we took for granted ‘as always being there’ is being pushed to its limits. I had a conversation with a ...

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