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Open to you Mary

open to you Mary

‘Mary of the Presentation’ has a very particular relevance to the spirit and life of Presentation Sisters.  This feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple (Presentation Day) celebrated on 21st of November each year as our Congregational Feast, provides an opportunity to recognise and contemplate the resonance of Mary’s life journey in our own lives. The nine days ...

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Nano – a light for today

A light for today

It is in excess of 300 years – three whole centuries – since the birth of Nano Nagle (April, 1718) founder of the Presentation Sisters, and yet it seems more true to say she lives in current times.  Nano initially, did not set out to found anything at all.  Her access to education and her life experience were inextricably woven ...

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Vocation Open House 2020

Vocation Open House

Presentation Sisters have a “culture of vocations” within the congregation. This means that everyone  has a sense of responsibility for nurturing and supporting the seeds of vocation in all who approach the community as enquirers, searchers and discerners. In our community settings there is an opportunity to hear the stories of those who have lived Presentation life through the ups ...

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The door is always open

Each year as Christmas approaches it seems that one becomes more and more sensitised to the contrast  between the ‘commercial frenzy on the streets and in the shops’ and the seemingly ever growing numbers of people who are challenged by life circumstances to the extent that their problems seem insurmountable, and the only way is ‘downwards’.  They become part of ...

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A light for our steps

In the editorial of the special  50th Anniversary magazine of GROW Ireland it states: “The GROW we have today owes its existence to a vast number of people who have given themselves with a complete and awe inspiring generosity and dedication.  We begin by saluting you”. One such person whom we know very well is Sr. Gertrude Howley. This year ...

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How big is your Love?

This Friday, 28th June we celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.   This can be a Feast Day that seems somehow ‘old fashioned’ and out of date with where we are at in society today.  That might have something to do with some of the imagery that we have grown up with surrounding it. However, in these days ...

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Social Justice

The 20th February is the UN World Day of Social Justice.  The UN’s 2019 theme for this day is: “if you want peace and development, work for social justice”. Our contribution to the realisation of a ‘just world’ is not confined to just one day,  It is a life time commitment.  It is enough to follow the details we know ...

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Nano, we give thanks

It is summer time and some are blessed with time to slow down, rest, reassess and put in place plans for a new start.  While hopefully others, who must try to live gently season to season in the present moment of things, are enjoying whatever summer brings about. We are half way through this year of celebration of the tercentenary ...

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What is your heart’s response?

It takes time to begin to get to know someone. Often it happens bit by bit as you get close up to their life. You hear things they have said and done and you listen to stories retold and shared by those who know and love them. But often it is the case that you get to know and understand ...

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