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Nano, we give thanks

It is summer time and some are blessed with time to slow down, rest, reassess and put in place plans for a new start.  While hopefully others, who must try to live gently season to season in the present moment of things, are enjoying whatever summer brings about. We are half way through this year of celebration of the tercentenary ...

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What is your heart’s response?

It takes time to begin to get to know someone. Often it happens bit by bit as you get close up to their life. You hear things they have said and done and you listen to stories retold and shared by those who know and love them. But often it is the case that you get to know and understand ...

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The Evolution of a Charism

The tercentenary of Nano Nagle’s birth in 2018 will be an occasion for widespread celebration in all the places where Nano is known and loved, and where her life still speaks through the ministry of Presentation Sisters working and living at home and overseas. It will also be an opportunity for a great many people to ‘get to know’ who ...

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