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Spiritual Reflection

Presentation of Mary

“She who was blessed because she believed, sees blossom from her faith a new future and awaits God’s tomorrow with expectation”.  – Pope Francis According to the story, Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anne, who had been without children, received a heavenly message that they would bear a child. When a girl was born, the parents went in thanksgiving to the ...

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‘Soul Catching’

Good stories travel fast.  I think that is still the case, because almost spontaneously when I hear something beautiful, inspiring or newsworthy I feel the inclination to want to share it immediately with someone else. There are of course some stories which are just written for the times we are in, and others transcend time and place and speak to ...

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Liturgy of the streets

We have arrived in May and the sun is beginning to cast its warm and bright rays over our landscape.  Everything looks brighter and fresher under its invigorating rays. In a message for Vocations Sunday, the first Sunday in May, Pope Francis is inviting religious to reclaim the invigorating energy of the Gospels for the work of Vocation Promotion.  In particular ...

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All of Life is there

I found this twelfth century icon depicting the resurrection and it struck me looking at it, that all of life is represented there. But then the Easter story is our whole life journey too. Very often, with totally unplanned and unforeseen journeys taken in the moment, one has to make decisions on directions, on staying with one path for now, or ...

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