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St. Declans Cathedral, Ardmore

Community of mystics and prophets

Today  thousands of pilgrims walk ancient paths  in search  of a deep spirituality to sustain daily life. They draw from spirituality to the desert, Celtic, Monastic, Contemplative stream. These are deep roots.

On April  6th, Ray Simpson,  founder of the ecumenical community of  Aidan  and Hilda on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne will travel  to  Ardmore  to explore the possibility of creating a network  of  pilgrims,  mystics and prophets  in the Spirit  of Nano Nagle and  Celtic heritage.

DATE: Saturday,  6  April 2019.
Register on Eventbrite following this link – Pilgrim and Mystics: Network for spiritual explorers

St. Declans cathedral photo by Michael Foley

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