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scripture and art
(Original artwork by Cynthia Farrell Johnson)

Exploring through scripture & art

The genealogy of Jesus in Mathew 1:1 – 17 names only five women: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary.  For centuries people have been intrigued by the inclusion of these diverse and often unorthodox women.  This online course offered by Mount St. Anne’s Retreat and Conference Centre is an opportunity to explore their individual stories through scripture and art, and to understand their significance both in their own context and in the context of Mathew’s genealogy.

Reading Mathew’s Gospel may never be the same again!

When: Tuesday 9th – Thursday 11th June 2020

Where:  Online course offered by Mount St. Anne’s

Presented by: Dr. Rosalie Moloney

Cost: €40.00 or Donation

For bookings and further details email: ceo@mountatannes.com 

About Mount St. Anne’s

Mount Saint Anne’s is a Retreat and Conference Centre     established by the Presentation Sisters in Ireland. It is committed to a spirituality of being in communion that seeks God in the inter-connectedness of all life and nurtures a longing to create a more compassionate, just and sustainable world.

Located in the heart of the Irish midlands the very special surroundings enable close contact with nature which helps to bring about renewal.

(Please note:  Mount St. Anne’s is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions).


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