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Friends of Nano

About Friends of Nano – Our History

Nano and our daily life

The core values, or guiding principles, inform our work and our development as a movement. Our logo, a triple spiral, is a visual reminder of what lies at the centre of our endeavours, inspired by Nano’s way. We endeavour to give practical expression to these core values in our own daily lives through the following characteristics of her charism:

  • compassion for those most in need
  • commitment to our aims, persevering with our work
  • courage in the face of setbacks and difficulties
  • confidence in Divine providence
  • creativity in exploring innovative solutions
  • in communion with our fellow Friends of Nano and others

All of these are underpinned by the practice of contemplation.

Some resources that may be helpful

Click on the this pdf.doc link  Friends of Nano – the evolving history  to take you to a short history of the Friends of Nano that may easily be printed. The document helps us understand the breadth, depth, and diversity of the movement.

Each month Brian O’Toole (Director of the Presentation Sisters Interprovincial Justice Desk) shares a  Friends of Nano Update Newsheet see links below:

19 Friends of Nano – Justice News – Volume 2 Issue 4 April 2023

To find out more about the work of the Interprovincial Justice Desk, see HERE

(International Presentation Lay Movement for Mission) 

Who Are We?

Friends of Nano are inspired by the life and legacy of Nano Nagle, a Cork woman who responded with courage to the suffering of her times with ingenuity, love, perseverance, prayer and action. Nano’s actions were daring for her times and unique to her personhood. This is a good model for today’s independently minded person.

What Do Friends Do?

Through the discipline of attention and prayer we are sensitised to the needs of our times and live and act in ways that bring about a compassionate and caring society that we sense is already possible.

Working Together

By working together, we are stronger and the reach of the Friends can be far and wide.

Where Are We?

We, exist in many towns and cities in Ireland. We exist internationally in many countries. Since the very beginning, Nano has had friends. Wherever the Presentation Sisters have travelled, they have always had Friends.

Appointment of an International Animator

In 1989 the Congregational Leadership Team (CLT) asked the Presentation Sisters to collaborate with Laity as ‘equal partners in our common mission’. In the last Congregational Gathering (CG2018) a commitment was made to ‘play a supportive role towards furthering the growth of the International Friends of Nano Movement’.

Mary-Ann Greaney (New Zealand) who previously worked on an International Coordinating Committee for the Friends of Nano has been appointed as the International Animator for the Friends of Nano for a three year period, commencing on 1 October 2021.

The role of International Animator will focus on four main aims:

  • Communication
  • Formation
  • Promotion of the FON Movement among new and younger members
  • and the Promotion of Leadership.

We are deeply grateful to Mary-Ann for her willingness to say ‘Yes’ to becoming the International Animator for the Friends of Nano and for the graciousness and enthusiasm with which she is embracing her new role.

Note: (The text used here is an extract from the October 2021 Issue of Nano’s Echo – see Nano’s Echo Newsletters – Presentation Sisters Union North East Ireland (presentationsistersne.ie).  ‘Nano’s Echo’ is a newsletter to connect everyone who feels drawn to Nano Nagle. A sharing of ideas and a deepening of understanding Nano and her impact on our lives – locally and globally).

Friends of Nano | Office Details

For further information  on Friends of Nano (NE Province) contact:

Friends of Nano (NE Province) Ireland
Acorn Centre Warrenmount
Dublin 8
Co. Dublin, D08 W2X8

Email: Lillie O’Reilly, pbvm – lillie@presprone.com  and/or Concepta OBrien, pbvm –  marycob@presprone.com

See Friends of Nano | Facebook (Group Page)

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