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Nano’s Echo Newsletters

A newsletter to connect everyone who feels drawn to Nano Nagle. A sharing of ideas and a deepening of understanding Nano and her impact on our lives – locally and globally.

Latest Edition

“It has been several years since the last Nano’s Echo was produced. It is a pleasure to re-launch the newsletter where the focus will be for us to tell our stories. We are creating our own history daily by the quality of our presence, the way we live our lives, and the actions and activities we engage in”.  So writes Mary-Ann Greaney in the December 2020 Issue which we are delighted to welcome back”!!  So writes Mary-Ann Greaney in the introduction to the December 2020 issue. You can download the current issue of Nano’s Echo using the links below.

Nano’s Echo Dec 2020

Nano’s Echo October 2021

Nano’s Echo March 2022

Nano’s Echo June 2022

You can also read the current issue online below:


Earlier Editions

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