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The inspiration of Nano Nagle

As a lay woman, Nano Nagle developed her vision and passion for the poorest of society and a desire for a more compassionate world. Later as a religious Sister, the pattern of her life was the movement from action or service to contemplation, and then back again to action or service. This became a hallmark of the religious Congregation she later founded, the Presentation Sisters.

Nano inspired others to do similar work as she had in Cork in her own day. Today, Nano continues to inspire people around the world. Women and men of various cultures, languages, races, faith traditions, and age levels are catching the spark of Nano’s spirituality and charism, her vision and mission. Inspired by the spirit of Nano, they form groups in their own local areas.

Friends of Nano share the spirituality, charism, vision and mission of the Presentation Sisters founded by Nano Nagle.   This is a Spirituality of Being Communion, a spirituality that seeks God in the interconnectedness of all creation and that promotes active love for self, God, others and all of nature. This is expressed by finding creative ways to further its mission of doing justice in the way of Jesus, of working towards peace on earth and of upholding the integrity of creation.  The desire to live compassionately and to respond to the needs of our times is still a very powerful one.

The Three Values

The Associates and Friends of Nano from around the world came together in Nano Nagle’s birthplace in  Ballygriffin, (Co. Cork) in 2011. They discerned three values that  could act as a global language, shared and expressed by many.

No. 1:  Partnership with the Divine – Contemplative Action

  • To undertake each new compassionate action from a contemplative stance.

No. 2:  Passion for the Poorest

  • To search out and support those currently suffering or marginalised.

No. 3:  Covenant with Creation – Building a Sustainable World

  • To inform each compassionate action with wisdom from the natural world.

The symbol of  the Friends of Nano depicts Nano’s Lantern in a spiral of energy.

Who is Nano Nagle?

To discover more about who Nano Nagle is search or click the following ‘Tag’s’ on the website: Nano Nagle,  Nano300, Tercentenary and also follow this link: Nano’s Letters – a digital collection

Places you can visit: The Heart Aflame Visitor Centre, Killenard, Portarlington, Co Laois.Nano Nagle Place, Douglas Street, Cork City., and Ballygriffin, Co. Cork – Nano Nagle’s Birthplace

Note: Friends of Nano Guidelines (not currently available at this link). To be updated.

To find out more about Friends of Nano

Contact:  by email at:  lillie@presprone.com   or  marycob@presprone.com



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