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I would dare

I would dare ….

Today, 8th March 2021 is International Women’s Day (IWD2021).  A day in which to step forward with courage and inspiration to live fully the charism that each of us have been given for our world … and to step back a pace, giving acknowledgement, space and thanks  to the ‘true litany’ of great women that we know, live and work with.  Those women who have our backs, ‘on Earth as in Heaven’.

The following is an extract from a prayer written by Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB that appeared in the Huffington Post (Huffpost) in July 2012, as a prayer for the times.  It is also truly a prayer for these times too, and for all time.

A Prayer For These Times:

Dear God, creator of women in your own image,
born of a woman in the midst of a world half women,
carried by women to mission fields around the globe,
made known by women to all the children of the earth,

give to the women of our time
the strength to persevere,
the courage to speak out,
the faith to believe in you beyond
all systems and institutions
so that your face on earth may be seen in all its beauty,
so that men and women become whole,
so that the church may be converted to your will
in everything and in all ways.

We call on the holy women
who went before us,
channels of Your Word
in testaments old and new,
to intercede for us
so that we might be given the grace
to become what they have been
for the honour and glory of God.


Mary, mother of Jesus,
who heard the call of God and answered,

Mary, mother of Jesus,
who drew strength from the woman Elizabeth,

Mary, mother of Jesus,
who underwent hardship bearing Christ,

Mary, mother of Jesus, who ministered at Cana,

Mary, mother of Jesus, inspired at Pentecost,

Mary, mother of Jesus, who turned the Spirit of God
into the body and blood of Christ, pray for us.


Venerable Nano Nagle – Pray for Us!

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Sister Joan Chittister, OSB,  has dedicated herself to advocating for universal recognition of the critical questions impacting the global community.  A Benedictine Sister of Erie, Pennsylvania, Sister Joan is an international lecturer and award-winning author, among many other things.

Sr. Joan Chittister – has just recently received the Isaac Hecker Award for Social Justice on March 6, 2021,  recognising her “not only the embodiment of all that Fr. Isaac Hecker stood for, but as one of the foremost Catholic thinkers, theologians, and moral leaders of our time”. “Her compelling and prolific writing, which reflects her unwavering commitment to social justice, serves as a catalyst for change within our hearts and a call to act in accordance with the tenets of our faith. She cares deeply about the poor and marginalized in our society, and demands that we attend to the injustices in our world that have contributed to so much human suffering. Her attention is focused now on the plight of immigrants fleeing violence and persecution, rampant social and economic inequality, and the perils of climate change”.  See The Paulist Center, Boston, MA – Posts | Facebook HERE

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