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The 'Shine On Mural' - courtesy of the Lantern Project

It takes a family…

We are delighted to be present  at the Pastoral Congress of the World Meeting of Families (WMOF2018) taking place from 22-25th August in the  RDS, Dublin.  Our presence there has already enabled many new meetings and wonderful conversations introducing the vibrant living legacy of Nano Nagle for today’s world, and enabling people to get to know her through  meeting Presentation People from all around the country who have given time to travel and be present at the Presentation Sisters Exhibition Stand in Hall 1 (No. 160-162) over the days.

The Presentation Charism has impelled, and continues to impel all who have been caught up in it, to create and respond to ‘the needs of those made poor’  through a great many projects and ministries (locally and globally), that work towards ensuring a dignified and fulfilling life for every human being.

Nano Nagle through her practical actions, gave voice to the voiceless, and brought light into hopeless places.  She was an agent of change for her day as well as being an enduring inspiration for our world today. See:  Nano Nagle’s Letters – A Digital Collection

Whether or not you are able to be attend the Congress during this ‘celebration of Family’, or following at a distance, we invite you to join us on this journey to discover and rediscover who Nano Nagle is now, especially in this tercentenary year of her birth (1718-2018).

About our back drop

The visuals that form the back drop to our exhibition stand very much represent  this ‘journey from darkness to light’.   We were indeed blessed to have ‘The Shine On Mural’  created by participants of the  Lantern Community Project (Cork City)  back in 2016 when they came together with community artist Spark Deeley to create this inspirational piece.  The images in the artwork from the men of the Lantern Project are a very powerful expression of their journey.  We are privileged to have this to share.  (The link above also includes the video about the ‘Shine On’ project).

The other part of the back drop ‘It Takes A Family To Make a Woman of Vision’ depicts Nano Nagle at the heart of her family and shines a light on the essential contribution that each of these family members made to who she was, and to who she became, as well as to the realisation of her ministry with  her companions on the ground in the laneways of Cork where she set up her schools in challenging times.

Woman of Welcoming Heart

They know her in the crowded lonely ways
woman of welcoming heart, whose lantern sheds
kind beams for eyes waste-misted by the weary miles,
for them her hands are open, for her their doors.
Room is made by dim and smoking fire, some small crust shared,
and she, receiving, knows still more to give,
and, welcomed, grows in art of welcoming.

~ Raphael Consedine, pbvm from ‘Sacred Space’


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