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Jesus tug at my heart

It can seem at this of year that we are waiting, always waiting …waiting in queues, waiting for holidays, waiting for people to come home, waiting for time to do all the preparations, waiting for time to make that phone call, waiting to get all the work cleared up, but above all waiting for Jesus to arrive!

Today I looked out at the beautiful sharp, frosted, flame-lit sunrise and it came to me that in fact we have no need to wait.  That in reality our arrival at Christmas in not about waiting, but about seeing all around us what can help make these days we live, that welcome gift for Jesus.  The Child is already here among us, we just need to peal off the complicated layers we may have built between us, and with the recognition of Him, return to the simplicity of realisation that God is with Us now!

It is the openness of the welcome that matters and how we let Him in to our lives, that makes the Christmas full, simple, joy-filled and present to all.


Jesus tug at my heart and bring me to you.
I am thankful that everything that happens to me
is leading me to a new birth of love in my heart,
wisdom in my choices and healing in my life.

Jesus, let me be like you,
A channel of wisdom and a source of love and healing.
Be with me as I give to everyone without exception
the gifts that you give me.

Let me consent to the compassion and communion
you ask of me.
Never let me miss an opportunity
to respond to the callings of the Holy Spirit.

May I always let you bring me and others to You.


See https://presentationsistersne.ie/a-world-in-prayer/

“We are mindful of how Nano Nagle responded in her time (as a fearless advocate of practical action, of finding and acting to deliver on the solution needed at the core of things while caring with a compassionate heart) to the insurmountable challenges faced by those kept poor”.

“…the Presentation Congregation was born  from the free gift of one woman of herself, to God and to people enslaved not only  economically, but also socially, culturally and politically  [from this choice in freedom]  came a family of women called to be freed by the Gospel, to freedom for the gospel, not only in principle, but in practice, throughout the five continents.  […] The extension of  Presentation ministries into direct action areas of extreme poverty, as well as local and global partnerships for development, brings the Ekklesia itself to life in free and creative ways in ever-widening circles of human endeavour”.

~ Anne Codd, in “Church  – ‘Home and School of Communion’ – enriched by Presentation Charism” page 172: in ‘Nano Nagle and an Evolving Charism’.


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