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Justice action updates

A ‘Sustainable Living’ Resource 

Prior to leaving for home after our NEP Justice Day 2019 we were introduced to the revised and revamped “Sustainability Booklet” produced by the North East Province entitled: “Making a Commitment to Sustainable Living at Personal, family and community level”.   See link Sustainable Living Booklet – NEP Justice Day 2019 to download your copy.

(To read a copy on line below – if using your mobile you will need to orientate to landscape view).


Today, more than ever before, we need people like Nano Nagle. We need people of courage who are prepared, if necessary, to ‘spend themselves’ for love of the poor and of the planet. This is what it means to carry ‘Nano’s Lantern’ in the often dark and challenging times of the 21st century.

“How do we ‘carry Nano’s Lantern’ and ‘hear the cry of the Earth and those kept poor'”?

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