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Let Justice & Peace flow

“ … we are called to join the river of justice and peace, to take up climate and ecological justice, and to speak out with and for communities most impacted by climate injustice and the loss of biodiversity. As the people of God, we must work together on behalf of all Creation, as part of that mighty river of peace and justice”.

The symbol for 2023 Season of Creation is a Mighty River.  It is inspired by this quote from the Prophet Amos, “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” (Amos 5: 24)   The image represents the fact that the future for all of us is threatened by the cascading impacts of the loss of biodiversity and a changing climate.

With great urgency, we must make peace with Earth and on Earth, at the same time that justice calls us to repentance and a change of attitude and actions.  From this river of justice and peace created together with others, hope will grow instead of despair.

This year we will unite around the theme, “Let Justice and Peace Flow.”

A Mighty River 

The Season of Creation is the annual Christian celebration to pray and respond together to the cry of Creation: the ecumenical family around the world unites to listen and care for our common home, the Oikos of God.

The world humans have known, enjoyed and celebrated is changing rapidly beyond repair. Biodiversity is being lost at a rate not seen since the last mass extinction. The hope of keeping average temperature increases to 1.5 degrees Celsius is fading. The futures of young people are threatened by the cascading impacts of the loss of biodiversity and a changing climate. Industrialisation, colonisation and the extraction and consumption of resources have created great wealth, unequally distributed. We are presently more aware than ever of the link between fossil fuels, and violence and war.

The Season of Creation (SOC) “Celebration” begins 1 September, the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, and ends 4 October, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology beloved by many Christian denominations.

Join the river of justice and peace: visit the Season of Creation website

  • September 1: Season of Creation Opening Prayer Service by the SoC Steering and Advisory Committee
  • October 4: Season of Creation Closing event by the SoC Ecumenical Youth Committee

The whole ecumenical family is also invited to be part of a Prayer Vigil on September 30 being organised by the Taizé community in collaboration with numerous other Christian churches and ecclesial and ecumenical associations. Stay tuned to the SOC website and social media for the details of each event!

Resources for the journey

You will find concrete proposals to live the #SeasonOfCreation intentionally through prayer, sustainability initiatives, and advocacy in the Season of Creation Celebration Guide and website.  As an unstoppable mighty river, Christians from all over the world will witness the power of working together to let justice and peace flow as we care for our common home (oikos). Each initiative will be an essential portion of the mighty river that only we can create together.

Valuable Resource Links

WATCH:The official launch of the SOC 2023 theme  #SeasonofCreation 2023 theme launch

The Laudato Si’ Movement Prayer Book:  LSM PRAYER BOOK

The Laudato Si’ Advocacy Toolkit: https://seasonofcreation.org/resources/#advocacy

Note:  (Use of Season of Creation liturgies, materials, and other resources). Please feel free to use them at will. There are no copyright requirements on any of the official Season of Creation materials, including but not limited to the Season of Creation Celebration Guide and other branded materials and resources. If you would like, you’re welcome to credit or mention that you are using a liturgy from the Season of Creation Celebration Guide and link to the appropriate website or PDF. But such a mention is not required. Thank you again for your interest and your great work.

See also:  https://presentationsistersne.ie/let-justice-and-peace-flow/

Prayer Service Links

SOC Opening Prayer Service

SOC Closing Prayer Service



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