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Nano’s legacy keeps giving …

It seems no time at all since we had the huge extended joy of launching our most recent book : ‘Nano Nagle: The Life and the Legacy’.  In fact it was in 2018, during the Tercentenary of Nano Nagle’s Birth (1718), when this book generated such interest in Nano, Presentation Life  and Education, supported by multiple interviews and presentations by the authors, articles in the national and regional papers, discussions  on radio and at Dublin Book Festival that year.  The book is a detailed and  authentic presentation  of Nano’s legacy and the contribution of Presentation Sisters to education locally and globally.

Deirdre Raftery (leading education historian), with Catríona Delany and Catherine Nowlan-Roebuck produced not only a vital new biographical study of Nano Nagle but also a study of thousands of Irish women who joined the Presentation Sisters and taught in their schools all over the world.  It is a beautiful and valuable reference work.

So then, imagine our increased joy to receive a recent communication from Professor Deirdre Raftery sharing with us this wonderful book review by Maria Patricia Williams, in the Journal ‘History of Education’ (Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group).

As Deirdre says about the content of the review:

“It shows terrific insight into congregational history, and has picked up all the elements that account for the growth of Presentation education and their long-standing mission to the poor.

I know some of the Sisters will appreciate the way the author refers to Nano’s daughters, and to what is meant by the ‘charism’ of a congregation or order. [ … ] We were pleased to read that the reviewer also sees it as being ‘meticulously researched’ and that it makes a substantial contribution to Irish social history and the history of education”.

The entire reviews is well worth a look. The link to the review is Nano Nagle the life and the legacy by Deirdre Raftery Catriona Delaney and Catherine Nowlan Roebuck

The legacy of Nano Nagle is timeless and continually evolving in its expression and faithfulness to the Charism as it unfolds in our times.  This book enables one to appreciate foundations and their enduring contribution.  We are privileged that this legacy is made ever more accessible through the publication of this book which draws on archival materials from three continents:

… and provides a compelling account of how one woman’s extraordinary life challenged social constraints and championed social justice and equality.  


See also Nano Nagle – The Life and the Legacy 



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