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Our beloved Amazon.
(Sunset near the Javarti River, a tributary of the Amazon).

Our beloved Amazon

The 1st Global Assembly for the Amazon was on July 18-19th, 2020 and was promoted by the Coordination of indigenous organizations of the Amazon Basin (Coica), the Pan-American Social Forum (Fospa) and the Pan-American Church Network (REPAM). The virtual event included Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil, French Guiana & Suriname. “Ecocide, ethnocide and terricide” are “worse than the virus”, because they carry “a colonial and capitalist system which does not understand care of life”. “There is no more time”, the document continues, “we must unite in the diversity of peoples’ knowledge and in the culture of care”.

Our beloved Amazon

Praised be You, God of beauty, for the constancy of that
light rain that falls barely perceptible to our eyes.
Drops that progressively generate the small threads of
water that together with many more will see the birth
of rivers, which are a source of life in abundance for all.

Praised be You, Lord, for the delicate strokes of Your
creation in which the beautiful connection of each and
every one of the created things on the face of the earth
is expressed.

With the peoples of this Amazon, O Lord of life, may
we know how to recognize and discern Your truth
in the diversity of each culture, living in harmonious
relationship with the earth, with others, and with Your
divine power.

May we recognize You risen and rising in the daily
hopes and struggles of their lives, in their wisdom,
and in their longing for the Kingdom through Jesus.

Laudato Si’! Amen


Originally written in Spanish by Mauricio López, Pan Amazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM), LSM Member Organization.

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