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Prayer for the Holy Land

The following is an extract from an invitation to prayer by the Latin Diocese of Jerusalem, following the horrific events on May 14th.  This was shared on Facebook by the Religious Formation Conference, where they said:

“We must truly pray to the Spirit to change our hearts to better understand His will and to give us the strength to continue to work for Justice and Peace!”

The invitation to  prayer from the Diocese of Jerusalem said:

To all the priests, religious men and women and to the faithful of the Latin Diocese of Jerusalem,

May the Lord give you peace!

In these days we are witnessing another outburst of hatred and violence, which is once again bleeding all over the Holy Land. The lives of so many young people have once again been shut down and hundreds of families are mourning their loved ones, dead or wounded. As in a kind of vicious circle, we must condemn all forms of violence, any cynical use of human lives and disproportionate violence. Once again we are forced by circumstances to plead and cry out for justice and peace!

These expressions of condemnation are similarly repeated, each and every time.

I invite the entire Christian community of the Diocese to join in prayer for the Holy Land, for the peace of all its inhabitants, for the peace of Jerusalem, for all the victims of this interminable conflict.

We need to pray more for peace and our conversion and for all.

See full text  HERE

Let’s join in this prayer, leaving no-one outside the protection of God’s care as they live, move and minister faithfully in extremely challenging conditions.



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