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Reflections for the journey

Reflections for the journey

So we have started our virtual walk with a beautiful send off from Nano Nagle’s Birthplace, Ballygriffin.  Thank you to Sr. Lois Greene and all Nano Nagle Birthplace | Facebook   On each day of our journey from the 20th – 26th April  we will share a Reflection as we undertake this pilgrimage of both gratitude and hope and we think of the great challenges of our own time, and especially of our lives during Covid-19. #NanosWalk2021

We will pray for each other, those who are sick and those caring for them. We will ask for wisdom for those making decisions that affect us all.   Along the way we will also take the opportunity to think of Nano Nagle, her life and work, and her great Faith and Compassion for the Poor. Find out more about this pilgrimage journey Walking with ‘Nano’ | Presentation Sisters Union North East Ireland (presentationsistersne.ie)

Day 1 – Ballygriffin (Nano Nagle’s Birthplace)


Nano (full name Honora) Nagle was born (the eldest of seven children)  in Ballygriffin, County Cork, Ireland in 1718. This was the period in Irish history when the English had imposed the oppressive Penal Laws, which severely limited the Irish people. The Irish were denied access economically, politically, socially, and educationally to the rights and means that would have raised them from the imposed poverty and oppression. It was a crime of treason (punishable by death) to educate the Irish and it was forbidden to practice the Roman Catholic faith.

The Presentation  Sisters first came to live in Ballygriffin in 1984. They were warmly welcomed and supported by the people of Killavullen parish and in turn contributed in various ways to the life of the parish. Prayer groups, bible classes, school and adult retreats, and days of reflection were hosted and often led by the Sisters.

Nano Nagle Birthplace has become a Heritage Centre for the Presentation family worldwide. Over the years, Sisters, Associates and Friends of Nano – Presentation People from every corner of the earth found a home in Ballygriffin, while the local people continued to venerate and draw inspiration from their own local ‘saint’. See Nano Nagle Centre, Ballygriffin, Mallow, Co. Cork IRELAND | (nanonaglebirthplace.ie)

Reflections for the journeyWe Start: Ballygriffin

Nano grew up in Ballygriffin the member of a happy family where the seeds of her Faith, Compassion, Love of Life and Hospitality were nurtured.
Let us pray for own families and families throughout the world especially families who are finding life difficult.

What can you do to provide help & support for families who are suffering?
May you be supported in these actions.

Day 2 – Killavullen (Baptism of Nano)


Reflections for the journeyNano Nagle was born in Ballygriffin, just north of Killavullen, County Cork, in 1718, the daughter of Garrett and Ann Mathew Nagle. The name “Honora” given at baptism was soon replaced in the family circle by the affectionate name “Nano“.

Killavullen: Baptism

Through the water of Baptism Nano was ‘born into the family of our Loving God’ Romans 8:16 Nano started her journey of Faith: and faith is the delivery of oneself to the Lord Jesus, “the light of the world” (Jn 9:5), Lord Strengthen our Faith.

What can you do daily to be that light for the world?

Day 3 –  Monanimy: Education

Reflections for the journey

Nano was educated in a hedge school near her home in the ruins of Monanimy Castle. She then continued her education in France.

Nano believed in the power of education. She had a dream, and through hard work, determination and prayer, Nano managed to educate the poor of Cork and give them the key to a better life.

‘We must prefer the Schools to all else’. ~ Nano Nagle.

Giving thanks for the gift of Education. Let’s make sure this is a gift for everyone!

Day 4 – Life Changing Events for Nano


Reflections for the journeyNano’s life changed on the death of her father, and she returned to Ireland from France. Her mother and sister Ann died shortly afterwards. Ann’s work with the poor in Dublin influenced Nano who always was moved by the plight of the poor, but now felt moved to action.

Through life’s journey let us always place our trust in the Lord, remembering we are influenced & we can influence others, let our mark on life be positive.

“God is all we need; His Divine Hand will support us”. ~ Nano Nagle


Day 5:  Nano’s Vision (Back in Cork)


Reflections for the journeyOver the years Nano met many challenges in her work in Cork. Consumed by God’s love, and propelled by her desire to change the lives of the poor she overcame these challenges and founded the Presentation Sisters to continue her work.

Let us too be filled with God’s strength: to be fearless in facing the social, economic and environmental injustices of our times. We pray that our actions will make a difference in our World.

Nano wrote ‘You must think the Almighty permits everything for the best. You will see with His assistance everything promises well.’

Day 6:  Nano and the future


Reflections for the journey‘Nano is not a figure confined to the past, but someone whose vision is as relevant today as it was in her own time.’ (The Story of Nano Nagle’ – Sr. Anne Lyons, pbvm).

As Friends of Nano and Presentation People, we strive to keep Nano’s Spirit alive through prayer, working and walking with the poor, while striving to live a sustainable lifestyle that will protect all of Creation.  We continue to work together to keep Nano’s Lantern Lighting.

“Not Words, but Deeds”. ~ Nano Nagle.



Day 7:  Nano Nagle Place (Nano died 26 April 1784).


Reflections for the journey

Today we meet at Nano’s grave to ponder the woman who through her life and work showed us the miracle of God’s Love in action.  Nano Nagle gave her heart to God through prayer, and the Eucharist, and with His constant guidance she changed the lives of the poor of Cork, Ireland and the World.

We also remember all our deceased family and friends, especially those who have died during Covid-19, may they find joy in your Kingdom.

Lord be close to all who are grieving,  and fill their hearts with Hope.

‘Love one another, as you have hitherto done.’ ~ Nano Nagle.

This evening (26 April) at 4 pm there will be a prayer service at Nano Nagle’s grave in Nano Nagle Place (Cork) – to receive the link to participate you will need to register on the website link HERE

Nano Nagle Prayer

Lord God,
You raise up people from age to age
To speak anew Your Word to us,
And to show us your ways.
Such is Nano Nagle.

In days when courage is needed,
You give us this woman of strength
to walk before us with conviction.

In days of great change,
You present us with a prophet
whose faith is firm.

As the light of her lantern brought hope
into the lives made wretched by
poverty and oppression,
so may she inspire us to compassionate action
for those in need around us.


Thank you for walking with us. Grateful for these days of pilgrimage together #NanosWalk2021 

See also this link for information on Nano Nagle Place  HERE

To find out more about Nano Nagle see Life lived on the ‘Razor’s Edge’ | Presentation Sisters Union North East Ireland (presentationsistersne.ie)  and Nano’s Letters – A Digital Collection | Presentation Sisters Union North East Ireland (presentationsistersne.ie)

And Friends of Nano (Ireland)  see Friends of Nano | Presentation Sisters Union North East Ireland (presentationsistersne.ie)

To register for a virtual tour of Nano Nagle Place see  Nano Nagle (matterport.com)




  1. Thank you for including us as you take this holy pilgrimage.

  2. Thank you Friends of Nano Ireland for your inspiration and creativity in doing this pilgrimage Nano would be very proud of you. I am too and walking with you

    • Dear Noreen – thank you for your beautiful message. How great, we are together in this #NanosWalk2021. Blessings for each step of the way. Giving thanks for the unfolding of Nano’s life and legacy in our times.

  3. Marie-Thérèse Kilmartin

    Well done on this initiative. A great way to share the story of Nano, gather together & reflect as we do pilgrimage.
    Very accessible, inspirational & educational. Creating global connections.

    • Marie Therese, thank you so much. One can never share enough about Nano – this inspirational woman; and no better way than through sharing and reflecting on life as lived today as ‘Pres People’ on this pilgrimage of gratefulness and hope, and yes, gaining further insights on how to go ahead. Huge thanks too for the inspiration that you are in sharing the relevance of Nano for today.

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