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She is fully alive

“She is fully alive”!  An apt heading for this News Bulletin. The performance of a recent play entitled ‘Path Through the Dark’ presented by Ocean of Notions Theatre Company and the Presentation Sisters South West Province in the beautiful Goldie Chapel at Nano Nagle Place has just concluded.

Both enchanting and inspiring, this dramatic piece about the life of Nano Nagle was performed precisely where the sound of her voice and the echo of her footsteps would have resonated among the narrow challenging streets where she ministered with her Sisters in eighteenth century Cork.

Friday, 26th April was the anniversary of Nano Nagle’s death in 1784.

Mustard seed moments 

The story of growth of the Presentation Congregation from humble beginnings, trusting as Nano did, in the ‘power of the Almighty’ continues worldwide to the present day.

It is true to say that the 26th April does not remain just as an historic moment in the sense of being ‘past history’- a memorable date recalling other times, rather:

Each of us from our local scene, can tell our mustard seed story and marvel at the way the Providence of God has been guiding the evolution of the charism of Nano down the years – to ministries and places where the light of the Gospel shines through other ‘Ladies of the Lantern.

Each of us can choose and ponder on a Presentation mustard seed story that is familiar to us.  Think of the many foundations that were made in America, India, Australia, Tasmania, African, Latin America, Central America, The Philippines, and elsewhere since 1793”.

The story of Presentation is a truly amazing founding story.  It has been repeated in different ways in differing climes and cultures since 1776 as the charism of Nano evolved in new situations.

As we reflect on and share our mustard seed stories, we rejoice in our humble beginnings, in our founder’s vision and faith and in the vision and faith of the Sisters who have gone before us, on whose shoulders we stand.

The Mustard Seed carries with it a rich and powerful Kingdom message, a message of hope.  Little steps taken in faith do matter.  One person’s contribution can have repercussions across the globe.  [..]  A tiny Mustard Seed planted in faith can grow into something quite surprising and beautiful.  The Presentation story is laced with examples of miracle growth from humble beginnings.  The Mustard Seed speaks of potential being realised, of a charism in evolution.

It gives us a never-ending reason to celebrate and to give thanks.


Nano’s tomb at Nano Nagle Place (Cork City)

Note: the content and quotations int his piece are informed by ‘Consider the Mustard Seed’ by Mary T. O’Brien, pbvm in  ‘Nano Nagle and An Evolving Charism’. 


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