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Political connectedness

We are constantly exposed to a political agenda.  Indeed, there is an ongoing debacle in the media worldwide in recent days on the fall-out from the post Brexit vote discussions and resignations in the UK parliament, and the post Trump Press conference analysis on Russian-American  relations.  This reflects a seemingly growing preoccupation with ‘power and personality’ and the ‘power of ...

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Walking the Walk

Throughout the almost three and a half weeks of the 2018 Presentation Sisters Congregational Gathering (CG2018) delegates were very much aware of the real reason they had all converged in Ireland, drawn from 16 countries around the world.  It was and is all because of one woman, Nano Nagle, and because in our world “people still suffer and cry out for ...

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Pilgrimage Walk – Slí Nano

This pilgrimage on Saturday 19th May, 2018  is a wonderful opportunity to visit Nano Nagle’s Birthplace (Ballygriffin) and surrounding areas, rich in history, heritage and natural beauty. An historic occasion, celebrating the tercentenary of Nano’s birth (1718), this event provides an opportunity to meet people and create memories while walking the ways of the young Nano, visiting local sites that ...

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Walking with Nano

Presentation Sisters from across the world were joined by the Cork public in a twilight procession through the city last evening to mark the 300th anniversary of Nano Nagle’s birth.   Almost sixty Presentation Sisters from Ireland and across the world are currently in Cork as delegates to our Congregational Gathering (CG2018), on behalf of over eleven hundred Sisters worldwide.  Among ...

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Meet A Woman for our times

On International Women’s Day 2018,  as we look to  seek out ‘mighty’ women as inspiration, encouragement and torch-bearers for those most in need today, we need look no further than Nano Nagle – a woman for our times. “Meet a woman whose love was stronger than the viciousness, greed and violence that swamped her city and nation. She was a ...

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Seeds of action

In this the Tercentenary Year of Nano Nagle’s Birth (2018) we are drawn to make more time to understand who Nano Nagle was, and who she is for our times, especially in the light of all of the immediately visible social issues in Irish Society today, as well as those we might fail to recognise, lurking just below the surface ...

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Resources for Celebrating the Tercentenary Year of the Birth of Nano Nagle

Tercentenary Year of the Birth of Nano Nagle

Nano Nagle Birthplace – Ballygriffin, Mallow, Co. Cork Nano Nagle Birthplace is now a living heritage centre located amongst the breath-taking scenery of the Blackwater Valley. As the birthplace of the foundress of the Presentation Congregation,  the centre provides tranquillity and spirituality and is the perfect location for those looking for some time out in a natural peaceful setting. The ...

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