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Always ‘Good News’

Christmas is the ‘Good News’ that never becomes old.  It seems quite timely then to revisit the re-telling of this news in a rather special poem written quite some years ago (Christmas 1978) by Sr. Raphael Consedine, pbvm.  The words continue to echo in our lives as deep down in their simplicity as they express Presentation Life and the core ...

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    Gratitude and blessings

    A new year and a new opportunity to be grateful and feel blessed.  The seasonal rhythm from Autumn and Winter into Spring (from, darkness to light) and old year into new, is an opportunity to stop, recognise, gather and appreciate the fruits and treasure of the year past – the outcomes of a life journey.  A journey that the feast ...

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      The door is always open

      Each year as Christmas approaches it seems that one becomes more and more sensitised to the contrast  between the ‘commercial frenzy on the streets and in the shops’ and the seemingly ever growing numbers of people who are challenged by life circumstances to the extent that their problems seem insurmountable, and the only way is ‘downwards’.  They become part of ...

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        The Virgin of Nagaski

        On the 24th November the image used at a Papal Mass in Nagasaki had an additional significance: it is a sculpture of Mary that survived the explosion of the atomic bomb in 1945 – The Virgin of Nagaski. When Pope Francis offers Mass during international trips, an image of the Marian devotion of the country he is visiting is usually ...

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          Not just a day

          Presentation Day is happily approaching (the 21st November each year).  An important date for Presentation people everywhere. Not just a day to celebrate, but so much more. In the course of Presentation Life jubilee celebrations are truly a moment to share great happiness (jubilate deo) and to celebrate a very particular journey both individually and as community.  These are both ...

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            Kin to everything

            There can be something quite poignant and breathtaking about the hues, colours and transient light of autumn days.  The burnished gold to brown and drop, that signals the ‘turning of the leaf’.  These moments of precious recognition, acknowledgement and leave-taking can open up our being to something other than ourselves; the realisation that we are kin to everything. I was ...

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              Nano Nagle’s transformative spirituality

              Nano Nagle lantern

              Nano Nagle’s spirituality had a transformative effect on the Catholic community in Cork, in Ireland and eventually in many places throughout the world. What was Nano attentive to? Nano was attuned to the edges of things. She was in touch with the experiences of people who were poor and pushed to the margins. She was in touch with their experiences ...

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                Life as a precious mission

                Pope Francis celebrated Mass on World Mission Sunday (October 20th) and in his homily, he challenges us to reflect on the meaning of our mission. See full text HERE Below is a prayerful litany created from his words, as a signpost for our life journey on mission.  This should be read in the context of the full article. Life as ...

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                  A saint for our time

                  On Oct. 13, Blessed John Henry Newman will become the first Englishman since the 1600s to be canonised.  Even though there are four others being raised to the altars with him — religious sisters from India, Brazil and Italy and a Third Order Franciscan from Switzerland — the focus of the Catholic world will be mainly on Newman because of ...

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