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Another kind of ‘Earth Hour’

earth hour

Earth Hour takes place on Saturday 28th March at 8.30 pm your local time!  The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action.   ‘Earth Hour’ initiated the first symbolic ‘lights out’ event which took place in Sydney in 2007.  This gesture of ‘switching off’ back then was initiated as a trigger to remind humanity to stop, conserve, ponder and act in solidarity ...

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Act of prayer & solidarity

Act of Prayer & solidarity

  At 12 noon today, Wednesday 25th March, 2020  on the Feast of the Annunciation of Mary, families, individuals and religious communities joined with bishops and priests from all over the island of Ireland in consecrating the people of Ireland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for strength and protection from the Coronavirus, Covid-19. This Consecration also coincided with an ...

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Hope can rise from ashes

Hope from ashes

We step into another lenten journey (from cross to resurrection) in appreciation of the opportunity it offers to simply and hopefully reconnect to that deepest knowing of what resurrection actually means and how it is, and can continue to express itself in every encounter of our lives. Christian joy flows from listening to, and accepting, the Good News of the ...

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St. Valentine in Dublin

Valentine was a priest who died during a persecution of Christians under the Emperor Claudius the Goth. Legend has it that the Emperor was worried by a reluctance of young Roman men to join the army to fight his campaigns, a reluctance he put down to their attachment to their wives and families, or fianceés, so he came up with ...

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Unusual Kindness

Unusual kindness - wcpu

It is less than one week until the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020 begins (WPCU).  This is a week during which Christians come together to pray for their unity. Congregations and parishes all over the world exchange preachers or arrange special ecumenical celebrations and prayer services. Traditionally the week of prayer is celebrated between 18–25 January, between the ...

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A world in prayer

When we listen to the News broadcasts shared from across the world oft times we can remain with a sense of helplessness, overwhelmed by the suffering of humanity on so many levels, especially if the news is of  personal, community or national tragedy, climate disasters, world migration and poverty? What is there to do?  How can we respond (without delaying) ...

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Always ‘Good News’

Christmas is the ‘Good News’ that never becomes old.  It seems quite timely then to revisit the re-telling of this news in a rather special poem written quite some years ago (Christmas 1978) by Sr. Raphael Consedine, pbvm.  The words continue to echo in our lives as deep down in their simplicity as they express Presentation Life and the core ...

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Gratitude and blessings

A new year and a new opportunity to be grateful and feel blessed.  The seasonal rhythm from Autumn and Winter into Spring (from, darkness to light) and old year into new, is an opportunity to stop, recognise, gather and appreciate the fruits and treasure of the year past – the outcomes of a life journey.  A journey that the feast ...

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The door is always open

Each year as Christmas approaches it seems that one becomes more and more sensitised to the contrast  between the ‘commercial frenzy on the streets and in the shops’ and the seemingly ever growing numbers of people who are challenged by life circumstances to the extent that their problems seem insurmountable, and the only way is ‘downwards’.  They become part of ...

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