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Art by Brigitte Schradolf

The beauty of diversity

Only God whose creativity has filled the Universe with so vast, so glorious, so delightfully wonderful a range of beasts and birds, of fish and flowers and trees, of valleys and mountains, sunsets and stars, and who, in creating all the billions who constitute humanity (has never needed to repeat Himself) could call together in strong bonds of community, such an expression of intercultural diversity, as is to be found within Presentation Life.

In her address at North Cathedral (Cork) in May 2018 during the  Congregational Gathering (CG2018),     Sr. Mary Deane (outgoing Congregational Leader) said:

“Nano believed in the power of education to transform the lives of the poor, in spite of the oppression and discrimination that existed, she went ahead establishing schools at great personal risk.  Nano was a woman of deep faith, trusting in the goodness of God.  She lived, she walked and worked here in these streets and yet her vision was for the whole world… ‘if I could be of any service in saving souls in any part of the globe I would willingly do all in my power’.

Today Nano’s story is being shared and lived out by countless women and men throughout the world who have been captured by Nano’s vision, her passion and the witness of her life.

Presentation Sisters living and working in 23 countries, continue Nano’s commitment to education, to the care of the vulnerable and powerless and to the transformation of unjust systems in a variety of ways, and within a variety of contexts in our world today”.

Nano today #Nano300

Nano Nagle, “the lady with the lantern” brought light into the darkness of the lives of the people in Cork in the 18th century.

To live in the light is to live in union with God, with one another and with all of creation.

 ‘The Gospel-inspired evolving charism of Nano, founder of the Presentation Sisters, continues to be a core life-source in a world of fragmentation and chaos, where narrow historical understandings limit constructive or creative responses’. ~ from ‘Nano Nagle: And An Evolving Charism’

Nano  could not have envisaged how that same love that took her to the garrets of Cork, now guides the footsteps of Presentation people everywhere.

To find out more about who Nano Nagle is see: Nano’s Letters – A Digital Collection

Conference Booking :  There are also still some places available at a conference on Nano Nagle,  open to all teachers, past teachers, historians, students of history and followers of Nano taking place this Saturday, 29th September in Dublin City University, St. Patrick’s Campus, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend.

Details and booking information is in the link HERE





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