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The nature of light…

The nature of light seems to be all about openness and connections.

Light that falls through doors and windows fascinates me.  Maybe this is because it is almost impossible on a clear and beautiful light-filled day, to discern where the light comes from.  Does it arrive from the inside and shine outwards, or does it come from the outside and flow inwards?

In truth, it doesn’t really matter at all – as long as there is light.

The Paschal journey seems to somehow express this ‘light connection’ too.  As we move from dark to light, we can see each beautiful detail of life so much more clearly ( that is, if we choose to stop and look) while we follow along ‘this way’.

“The soul of man, left to its own natural level, is a potentially lucid crystal left in darkness. It is perfect in its own nature, but it lacks something that it can only receive from outside, and above itself.  But when the Light shines in it, it becomes in a manner transformed into light, and seems to lose its nature in the splendour of a higher nature, the nature of the Light that is in it”.

~ Thomas  Merton – ‘The Seven Story Mountain’, page 211

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