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as the season starts to change

As the season starts to change …

Often times, as the season starts to change, we sense the subtle shifting of the light to herald autumnal days and all the leave-taking that this can ask of nature and of us.  This changing rhythm can also herald a space for change in us.

Perhaps a change in our way of seeing, being, discovering or responding to the needs of our time, when it seems that the entire social, political, cultural, economic and spiritual landscape locally and globally has altered in ways beyond our imaginings.

Creative encounters

“In times beyond history, before the first humans mastered the art of kindling fire, they had to wait for it to be cast on the earth by lightning or some other natural phenomenon.  Then it was treasured, carried carefully from place to place to be a means of safety, of comfort, of light.  Small wonder that, in ancient lore, fire became a symbol of theophany, of manifestation of the divine”.

Jesus said: “I have come to cast fire on the earth, and how I wish it were blazing already” (Luke 12:49).  … [He] spoke of the fire of love he longed to see kindled in human hearts, such a fire as might make of this world a place of safety, welcome and light”.                                      (Fire on the Earth’ – p.107)

As we continue to live out the vision of Nano Nagle by responding creatively to ever changing social challenges, may our daily work enable us to respond creatively to the unmet needs of those around us.

drawn deep into the heart of Christ,
your own heart kindled, burned,
till love became your daily bread,
and daily life your bread of love,
life nurturing.

Nano, pray
our hearts may bear the self-same fire
and cast it on our earth.

(From ‘Fire on the Earth’ p. 107 ~ Raphael Consedine, PBVM).

To find out more see Nano – a light for today


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