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Thinking about religious life?

Take time to reflect on your vocational calling.

As you think about your call, lots of questions may be going through your mind … am I worthy? Am I silly to think that God might be calling me (like, I know me!) Have I got what it takes? Will people think I’m mad? What will my family and friends say if they knew I was thinking about? Why become a religious today?  People say that religious life is dying…??

YES: There will be questions, and most are ones that are not easy to answer.

REMEMBER: God does not call us because we are worthy, or good, or ‘holy’ or … God calls simply because God knows us and knows what is the best way we can be the person God created us to be.

Religious life may be the only place where you may be able to express your deep love for Jesus in such a way that you can be authentically yourself.


You may be asking yourself, if I choose this radical following of Jesus in an exclusive love relationship

Will there be hardships? YES

Will I be lonely? At times, YES

Will I miss my family and friends? YES


Will I grow as a person? YES

Will I develop as a disciple of Jesus? YES

Will I be able to share my faith? YES

Will community life be a challenge? YES

Will I discover peace and joy at a deep inner level? YES

Will I have to do this alone? NO… at all times in the journey you will be walking hand in hand with Jesus … remember it is a love relationship!



Is this where God is calling me? Your “yes” may be very tentative at this stage or it may be very bold or it may lie somewhere in between. Jesus deals with us as we are. He will only invite, never force. Sit with how you are feeling and what responses are coming to the surface.

As you record your reflections, your thoughts and feelings, you may find that you want to talk personally with someone. This could be our Vocations link Sister or a Spiritual Director or another person that you know.

What is it about this community that attracts you? You can arrange a visit to get to know the Presentation Sisters more and become more familiar with our way of life.

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Adapted from Discerning my vocation


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